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Torque X-Lab Edge - X3 Package


Product Description

*This is not a stocked item. Please call to order.*

This X-Lab Edge is perfect for small spaces. The X3 version adds two dual pulley adjustable cable columns to the mix and fits best in a square space. The cable columns can be used independently or can be used together as a cable cross-over.

Included in X3 Package:

3 Suspension Training Stations
2 Pull-Up Stations
4 Resistance Band Stations
2 Ground Rotational Stations
6 Accessory Trays
1 Cable Component Station
1 Plyo-Step Station
1 Dip Station
2 Battle Rope Anchors with Storage
The X-Lab Edge is required to be secured to the floor.

Footprint: 56.0 x 99.4 (142 cm x 252 cm)
Height: 98.5 (250 cm) 129.0 with Optional Ball Targets

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